Synthetic Pyrethroids For Mosquito Control :Permethrin and D-Phenothrin

Pyrethroids are synthetic chemical insecticides that act in a similar manner to pyrethrins,which are derived from chrysanthemum flowers.

Pyrethroids are widely used for controlling various insects, commonly used in mosquito control programs to kill adult mosquitoes.

Permethrin normally applied as residential indoor and outdoor insect foggers and sprays, treated clothing, flea products for dogs, termite treatments, agricultural and livestock products, and mosquito abatement products. Permethrin is the most widely used mosquito adulticide.

  • Merits of Permethrin : Low cost , High effect , Safe to environment and human ,low residue .
  • Application :
  • (1) Adult flies : Apply 10% Permethrin EC ,spraying 0.01-0.03ml per m³.
  • (2) Adult mosquitoes : Apply 10% Permethrin EC, spraying 0.01-0.03ml per m³. Mosquitoes larvae: Mixing 1ml with 1L 10% Permethrin EC with 1L water , spraying at the puddle where young mosquitoes breed.
  • (3) Cockroach :Apply 10% Permethrin EC ,spraying 0.05 ml per m³.
  • (4) Termites : Apply 10% Permethrin EC ,mixing 1ml with1L water ,spraying on the woods .


D-phenothrin normally applied to control adult mosquitoes and other nuisance insects indoors and outdoors in residential yards and public recreational areas. Use sites include in and around residential/domestic dwellings, commercial and industrial buildings, transportation vehicles, recreation areas, animal quarters, direct animal treatment (dogs).

  • Merits of D-phenothrin : Non-toxic, High killing rate ,Broad spectrum,Safe to human and Animals.
  • Application :
  • (1) Adult flies : Apply 5% Aerosol Liquid,spraying 5-10g per m³.
  • (2) Adult mosquitoes : Apply 5% Aerosol Liquid, spraying 2-5 g per m³.  
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Post time: Feb-14-2023

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