Clothianidin VS Thiamethoxam

Similarity :

Both Thiamethoxam and Clothianidin belong to neonicotinoid insecticide .Target insects are piercing-sucking mouthpart insect ,such as aphis,whitefly,plant hopper etc.

Both have a variety of insecticidal mechanisms such as touch, gastric poisoning, and internal suction ,the target insects will become extremely excited ,then the whole body spasm, paralysis and death.


Difference : 

1.Different knockdown speed :

Clothianidin knockdown is faster than Thiamethoxam .

The Clothianidin will have obvious killing effect after applying one hour . The Thiamethoxam will reach the killing peak time after 24-48 hours after applying .

2. Different resistance

Thiamethoxam is a second -generation nicotinine pesticide, and Clothianidin is a third -generation nicotine pesticide. The launch time of Thiamethoxam is relatively early, and the amount of use is relatively large, so the resistance of Thiamethoxam is higher than that of Clothianidin.

3.Different cost price

Thiamethoxam is cheaper than Clothianidin .

4. Different internal absorption

The internal absorption effect of Thiamethoxam is slightly stronger than Clothianidin. Based on the above considerations, here is some of our suggestions:

(1) In the early stages of pests control or prevention, it is more efficiency to choose Thiamethoxam, so that the cost is relatively low and the efficiency is long.

(2) If large -scale pests occur, now we should quickly kill and control the pests as soon as possible. During this period, speed is the key, so it is recommended that we should choose Clothianidin to take effect faster.

(3) Clothianidin is not easy to solve in the soil, and the effects lasting period can be up to 3-6 months. Therefore the Clothianidin is very effect to kill and control underground pests.

Notice :

  1. Dont apply Thiamethoxam and Clothianidin at same time as they belong to same kind of insecticide ,its a waste of cost while apply at same time .
  2. Thiamethoxam is easy to be developed resistance after applying 2-3 times , it is more effective to choose thiamethoxam mixture formulation such as lambda cyhalothrin, bifenthrin,emamectin benzoate ,etc.

Effective and Popular compound formulation :

  1. Abamectin+Thiamethoxam :Broad specturm and strong killing effect .
  2. Lambda cyhalothrin+Thiamethoxam:Strong killing effect .
  3. Spirodiclofen+Thiamethoxam :fast knockdown.long lasting period
  4. Bifenthrin+Thiamethoxam:delay resistance
  5. Tebuconazole+Thiamethoxam :seed treatment for underground insects .
  6. Pyridaben+Clothianidin
  7. Chlorfenapyr+Clothianidin
  8. Pymetrozine + Clothianidin
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Post time: Jan-04-2023

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