For the cockroach killer Deltamethrin and Dinotefuran , which one effect is better ?

Cockroaches in your home or business premises are very unsettling. They are not only disgusting and frightening but also carry a variety of bacteria and viruses that could lead to serious diseases, such as gastroenteritis, salmonella, dysentery and typhoid. What’s more, cockroaches are extremely adaptable and can breed very fast. These factors make cockroaches an even bigger threat to your health.

Act quickly before it’s too late if you spot any of the below signs:

  • Physically seeing a cockroach
  • Spotting cockroach feces
  • Finding cockroach egg cases
  • Smelling cockroaches

Comparison between Deltamethrin and Dinotefuran :

  1. Safety : Dinotefuran is much safer than Deltamethrin ,which is safe enough to pets .If you have pets at home , it is not safe to them to use Deltamethrin to kill cockroaches .
  2. Mode of Action : Cockroaches are more sensitive towards Deltamethrin ,comparing to Dinotefuran , it may not that attractive for targets to get close to product then poison them to death .
  3. Contagious : The knockdown rate of Deltamethrin is faster than Dinotefuran ,but the contagious rate is not strong enough as Dinotefuran . Cockroaches are extremely adaptable and can breed very fast ,Oriental and German cockroaches eat the carcasses of their dead . Dinotefuran can make the dead cockroaches still contagious so the cockroach which eat it can also be poisoned to death .

Kindly notice :D inotefuran is water soluble ingredient , therefore after applying ,please do not mopping floor ,do not wipe the place where the product is sprayed .


Hopefully our information is helpful for you . 

Post time: Jan-15-2023

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