How to apply Glyphosate correctly to make it safe and efficient .

Glyphosate , one kind of  sterilant herbicide,  has a strong internal absorption and wide -breasted spectrum.

It is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as orchard, forestry, wasteland, roads, fields, etc.

And it is necessary to use it flexibly under different environment .


1、Apply Glyphosate in orchard :Need to lower the nozzle and target spray.

Although the distance between the fruit trees is large, it is necessary to pay more attention during the application .


2、Apply Glyphosate in uncultivated land : Spraying evenly ,in order to increase the weeding effect,

it is recommended to add organic silicon. If there are too many weeds in the wasteland and the effect of the

first prevention and treatment is not good, it can be sprayed multiple times.


3.Apply Glyphosate in forestry : Mostly is perennial weed , it is better to apply while the weed grow to 40cm ,

the effectiveness is better if add Silicone oil while applying . Do not spray directly on the trees .



4.Apply Glyphosate for agricultural herbicide : Applying the glyphosate after the crop is harvested ,applying before sowing next crop . 


Last but not least , do not apply Glyphosate together with other kinds of Herbicides,insecticides and fungicide .

Hope our information is helpful for you . 


Post time: Jan-10-2023

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