How to control pests and weeds in the whole growth period of peanuts?

The common pests in peanut fields are: leaf spot, root rot, stem rot, aphids, cotton bollworm, underground pests, etc.

Peanut field weeding plan:

Peanut field weeding advocates soil treatment after sowing and before seedlings. We can choose 0.8-1L 960 g/L Metolachlor EC per hectare,

or 2-2.5L 330 g/L Pendimethalin EC per hectare etc.

Above herbicides should be sprayed evenly on the ground after the peanuts are sown and before emergence, and the peanuts should be covered with film immediately after application.

For post-emergence stem and leaf treatment, 300-375 ml per hectare of 15% Quizalofop-ethyl EC, or 300-450 ml per hectare of 108 g/L Haloxyfop-P-ethyl EC can be used in the 3-5 leaf stage of grass weeds;

During the 2-4 leaf stage of grass, 300-450 ml per hectare of 10% Oxyfluorfen EC can be used for spraying control on water stems and leaves.

Integrated control plan in growing season

1. Sowing period

The sowing period is a critical period for the effective control of various pests and diseases. The main problem is on seed treatment and prevention, it is very important to choose high-efficiency, low-toxicity, and long-lasting pesticides to control root diseases and underground pests.

We can choose 22% Thiamethoxam+2% Metalaxyl-M+ 1% Fludioxonil FS 500-700ml mixing with 100kg seeds .

Or 3% Difenoconazole+32% Thiamethoxam+3% Fludioxonil FS 300-400ml mixing with 100kgs seeds .

In places where underground pests are very serious, we can choose 0.2%
Clothianidin GR 7.5-12.5kg .Apply before peanut sowing, and then sow after raking the land evenly .

Or 3% Phoxim GR 6-8kg ,applying while sowing .

Dressed or coated seeds should be sown after drying the seed coat, preferably within 24 hours.

 2.During Germination to Flowering period

During this period , the main diseases are leaf spot ,root rot and stem rot disease . We can choose 750-1000ml per hectare of 8% Tebuconazole +22% Carbendazim SC , or 500-750ml per hectare of 12.5% Azoxystrobin +20% Difenoconazole SC , spraying during early stage of disease .

During this period , the main pests are Aphis,Cotton bollworm and underground pests.

To control aphids and cotton bollworm , we can choose 300-375ml per hectare of 2.5% Deltamethrin EC ,spraying during early stage of Aphis and the third instar stage of cotton bollworm .

To control underground pests ,we can choose 1-1.5kg of 15%Chlorpyrifos GR or 1.5-2kg of 1% Amamectin +2%Imidacloprid GR,scattering .

 3.Pod period to full fruit maturity period

A mixed application (insecticide + fungicide + plant growth regulator) is recommended during the peanut pod setting period, which can effectively control various of diseases and insects in the middle and late stages, protecting the normal growth of peanut leaves, preventing premature aging, and improving maturity.

During this period , the main diseases are leaf spot,stem rot,rust disease ,the main insects are cotton bollworm and aphis .

We can choose 300-375ml per hectare of 2.5% Deltamethrin + 600-700ml per hectare of 18% Tebucanozole + 9% Thifluzamide SC+ 150-180ml of 0.01% Brassinolide SL ,Spraying.

Post time: May-23-2022

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