How to use chlorfenapyr

how to use chlorfenapyr
1. Characteristics of chlorfenapyr
(1) Chlorfenapyr has a broad spectrum of insecticides and a wide range of applications. It can be used to control many types of pests such as Lepidoptera and Homoptera on vegetables, fruit trees, and field crops, such as diamondback moth, cabbage worm, beet armyworm, and twill. Many vegetable pests such as noctuid moth, especially the adult control effect of lepidopteran pests are very good
(2) Chlorfenapyr has stomach poisoning and contact killing effects on pests. It has strong permeability on foliage and has a certain systemic effect. It has the characteristics of wide insecticidal spectrum, high control effect, long lasting effect and safety. The insecticidal speed is fast, the penetration is strong, and the insecticide is relatively thorough.
(3) Chlorfenapyr has a high control effect against resistant pests, especially for pests and mites that are resistant to pesticides such as organophosphorus, carbamate, and pyrethroids.

2. Precautions for use
Crops such as watermelon, zucchini, bitter gourd, muskmelon, cantaloupe, wax gourd, pumpkin, hanging gourd, loofah and other crops are sensitive to chlorfenapyr, and are prone to phytotoxic problems after use.
Cruciferous crops (cabbage, radish, rape and other crops) are used before 10 leaves, which are prone to phytotoxicity, do not use.
Do not use medicine at high temperature, flowering stage, and seedling stage, it is also easy to cause phytotoxicity.
When chlorfenapyr produces phytotoxicity, it is usually acute phytotoxicity (the symptoms of phytotoxicity will appear within 24 hours after spraying). If phytotoxicity occurs, it is necessary to use brassinolide + amino acid foliar fertilizer in time to alleviate it.
3. Compounding of chlorfenapyr
(1) Compound of chlorfenapyr + emamectin
After the combination of chlorfenapyr and emamectin, it has a broad spectrum of insecticides, and can control thrips, stink bugs, flea beetles, red spiders, heartworms, corn borers, cabbage caterpillars and other pests on vegetables, fields, fruit trees and other crops.
Moreover, after mixing chlorfenapyr and emamectin, the lasting period of the medicament is long, which is beneficial to reduce the frequency of using the medicament and reduce the use cost of farmers.
(2) Mixing of chlorfenapyr + indoxacarb
After mixing chlorfenapyr and indoxacarb, it can not only kill the pests quickly (the pests will stop eating immediately after contacting the pesticide, and the pests will die within 3-4 days), but also maintain the efficacy for a long time, which is also more suitable for crops. Safety.
The mixture of chlorfenapyr and indoxacarb can be used to control lepidopteran pests, such as cotton bollworm, cabbage caterpillar of cruciferous crops, diamondback moth, beet armyworm, etc., especially the resistance to noctuid moth is remarkable.

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