The Importance of Wheat Seed Treatments

Fungicide seed treatments help to reduce losses caused by seed transmitted and soilborne fungal diseases of wheat. 

Some seed treatment products contain a fungicide and an insecticide and offer additional protection against fall season insects such as aphids.


Seed-Transmitted Diseases

-Smut disease

-Black spot disease

-Ergot disease

-Loose smut disease

They cause significant yield loss resulting from poor stand establishment and weakened plants that are vulnerable to

attack by other diseases and insect pests. As we know ,once the disease occurred , it is very hard to cure completely ,

in case to minimize the loss on harvest ,it’s very necessary to prevent the diseases in advance . 


Below is some our recommendation seed treatment mixture formulations which have both prevent and protection effectiveness :

  1. Difenoconazole+fludioxonil+Imidacloprid FS
  2. Tebuconazole+Thiamethoxam FS
  3. Abamectin+Carbendazim+Thiram FS
  4. Difenoconazole+Fludioxonil+Thiamethoxam FS
  5. Azoxystrobin+Fludioxonil+Metalaxyl-M FS
  6. Imidacloprid+Thiodicarb FS

Seed-transmitted and soilborne fungal diseases of wheat are effectively controlled by planting certified, fungicide-treated seed.

Because some of these diseases are internally seedborne, systemic fungicides are recommended.


Post time: Mar-16-2023

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