Best price Pesticides Insecticide Profenofos 90%Tech 40%EC

Short Description:

1. This product is an organophosphorus pesticide.

2. This product has strong penetrating and conducting properties, can quickly penetrate into all parts of plants, penetrate the body wall of pests with multiple action points, inhibit cholinesterase in insects, and have better control effect on cotton bollworm .

3. Profenofos has contact killing, stomach poisoning and systemic effects.

4.It is suitable for the control of cotton aphid, red bollworm, two or three Chinese borers, and rice leaf rollers.

Product Detail

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Tech Grade: 94%TC   89%TC


Targeted Insects



Profenofos 40%EC

rice stem borer



Emamectin benzoate 0.2% + Profenofos 40%EC

rice stem borer



Abamectin 2% + Profenofos 35%EC

rice stem borer



Petroleum oil 33%+Profenofos 11%EC

cotton bollworm



Spirodiclofen 15% + Profenofos 35%EC

cotton red spider



Cypermethrin 40g/l + Profenofos 400g/l EC

cotton aphids



Propargite 25% + Profenofos 15%EC

Orange tree red spider

1250-2500 times


Technical requirements for use:

1. Evenly spray the cotton bollworm eggs in the hatching stage or the young larvae stage, and the dosage is 528-660 g/ha (active ingredient)

2. Do not apply in strong wind or 1 hour rain is expected.

3. The safe interval for this product to be used in cotton is 40 days, and each crop cycle can be applied up to 3 times;


Q: Is profenofos okay to fight red spiders during the flowering period of citrus?

A: It is not suitable to use, because of its high toxicity, it should not be used on fruit trees. And it’s not good for red spider control. :

Q: What is the phytotoxicity of profenofos?

A: When the concentration is high, it will have certain phytotoxicity to cotton, melons and beans, and phytotoxicity to alfalfa and sorghum; for cruciferous vegetables and walnuts, avoid using them during the flowering period of crops

Q: Can the pesticide profenofos be applied at the same time as leaf fertilizer?

A: Do not use foliar fertilizers and pesticides at the same time. Sometimes it has a positive effect, but more often it has a negative effect, which is more likely to aggravate the disease.

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