Best substitute of neonicotinoid insecticides,Thrips and Aphis Terminator: Flonicamid+Pymetrozine

Aphids and thrips are particularly harmful, which not only endangers crop leaf, flower stalks, fruits, but also causes the plant to die, but also a large amount of malformed fruits, poor selling, and the value of the product is greatly reduced!

Therefore it is very important to prevent and treat in time .

Common products for preventing aphids and thrips are:Thiamethoxam、Dinotefuran、Clothianidin、Imidacloprid、Nitenpyram、Acetamiprid、Thiacloprid、Bifenthrin、Matrine、Pyrethrin、Spirotetramat..etc.


However, the frequent repetitive apply same product causing the pests quickly resist the traditional products, so now we will introduce this newly -composed product: a high -energy pharmacy composed of fluorine Wormy and pyrodidine , A new type of low -toxic insecticide mixture ,will replace the new neonicotinoid pesticides, which will have a good prevention and treatment effect from confrontation.

Advantegous :

-High effect ,especially for those already occur resistance towards regular insecticides

-safe to bees

-Long lasing period

-Low application rate , save farmers cost

-More durable for rain flushing ,still high effect during rain season


It not only has the effect of touching and gastric poisoning, but also has good neurotoxic agents and fast refusal effects.

Flobilamide has a good penetration effect, which can penetrate from the root to the stems and leaves, but the infiltration effect of the leaf to the stems and roots is relatively weak. After aphids such as aphids, pests in absorbers eat inhaled plant juice with fluorine Wormyamide, they will be quickly prevented from suction. There is no excreta that does not appear at all within 1 hour, and dies due to hunger. The pyrodidine has a unique mechanism. After adults and nymphs are in contact with the potion, a degenerative obstruction effect is generated, and the food is stopped.

In addition, fluorizamide has insecticidal activity on larvae and adults. With unique mechanisms, high biological activity, and excellent prevention of aphids to make it the focus of market competition, coupled In the future, it will gradually replace the market share of new tobacco -alkali, fluorine, and fluoropicrakone, and reduce the impact of plant protection products on the media and ecosystems.


Post time: Oct-17-2022

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