How does Cyromazine 98%TC control the fly in poultry farm ?

Cyromazine content : ≥98% ,white powder .

Cyromazine is belong to insect growth regulator ,it has strong effect to various kinds of larvae,after applying ,

it will cause larvae disclosure in form ,then preventing larvae turning into adult flies . 


Usage :

1. Adding into feeds can prevent the larvae on excrement .

2. Spraying on animals body directly , can prevent/kill flies/flea effectively . 

Features :

1. No resistance : Cyromazine can prevent and control various kinds of fly larvae and it has been active in market for over 20 years, until now no resistance report .

2. Safe enough to human and animals :Cyromazine can apply on chicken,swine,cow,horse farms safely .

3. Massively reduce the ammonia content in poultry/livestock farms ,improving the breeding environment greatly .

4. The active ingredient of Cyromazine can resolve in soil completely,safe enough to environment . 


Application rate :

1. Mixing with feeds : Mixing 5-6g into livestock feeds ,mixing 8-10g into swine/sheep/cow’s feeds.

Start feeding during fly season . Feeding 4-6 weeks continuously ,then pausing feed for 4-6 weeks .

2. Mixing with water : Mixing 2-4g into 1 ton water , feeding 4-6 weeks continuously .

3. Spraying : Mixing 2-3g with 5kg water ,spraying on places where flies and larvae occurs ,the effectiveness can continue over 30 days . 


Post time: Feb-23-2023

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