What is the best treatment for underground pest control of vegetable crops?

Underground insects are main pests in vegetable fields. Because they do damage underground, they can hidden well and causing them difficult to control. The main underground pests are grubs, nematodes, cutworms, mole crickets and root maggots. They will not only eat roots, affect vegetables’ growth, but even cause dead seedlings, ridge breakage, and the occurrence of soil-borne diseases such as root rot.

Identification of Underground Pests


Grubs can cause chlorosis and wilting of vegetables, large areas of alopecia areata, and even death of vegetables. The adults of grubs have suspended animation and phototaxis, and have a strong tendency to black light, and have a strong tendency to immature basal fertilizers.


It can cause seeds, tubers and roots to form holes, causing vegetables to dry up and die. 


3、Root maggots

Adult insects like to eat nectar and spoilage, and they often lay eggs on manure. When uncomposted manure and poorly fermented cake fertilizer are applied in the field, root maggots often occur seriously.


Adult cutworms have phototaxis and chemotaxis, and like to eat sour, sweet and other aromatic substances. The best period of prevention and control of cutworm is before the third age, which has low drug resistance and is easy to control.


5、Mole crickets

As a result, vegetable roots and stems are cut off, causing vegetables’ quantity decreased and even die. Mole crickets have strong phototaxis, especially in high temperature, high humidity, and sultry .


Prevention and Treatment

In the past, phorate and chlorpyrifos were mainly used to control underground pests in vegetable crop fields such as onions and leeks. As phorate, chlorpyrifos and other high and poisonous pesticides are prohibited from being used in crops such as vegetables, it is particularly important to choose effective, cost-effective and easy-to-use agents and formulas. According to the drug test and the characteristics of the pesticides, the following pesticides can be used to control the underground pests in vegetable crop fields.


Treatment :

1. Clothianidin 1.5%+ Cyfluthrin 0.5% Granule

Apply during sowing,mixing 5-7kgs pesticides with 100kgs soil .

2. Clothianidin 0.5%+ Bifenthrin 0.5% Granule

Apply during sowing,mixing 11-13kgs pesticides with 100kgs soil .

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