What is the different between Spinetoram and Spinosad ? Which effectiveness is better ?

Both Spinosad and Spinetoram belong to Multibactericidal insecticides ,and belong to a green antibiotic pesticide extracted from bacteria.

Spinetoram is a new type of substance which is artificial synthesized by Spinosad .


Different insecticidal effect :

Because Spinosad has been on the market for a long time , even though it has good effect on the control of many insects on vegetables,

especially for thrips and bollworm , some insects already occurred resistance because of the long time usage .

On the other hand , as Spinetoram still during patent period , the killing effect is more strong than Spinosad .

So far the resistance is not obvious . 


Precautions for use :

1While using Spinosad to control the thrips and other insects on vegetables , the knockdown rate is relatively slow.

Therefore it is more effect and much better if mix with another formulation ,such as Chlorfenapyr ,Emamectin benzoate ,

Acetamiprid and Bifenthrin .The killing effect and knockdown rate will be double improved .

2Keep application time in control .While using Spinosad to control insects , it is better and more effect to apply while

the insects during larvae or younger stage . If wait until the insects grow stronger , it will be harder to control .

3Even though Spinetoram has very strong killing effect , it also easily to occur resistance ,

therefore it is better not keep use single formulation repeatedly .



Post time: Feb-15-2023

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