Systemic Pesticide Spirodiclofen 24%SC Agrochemicals

Short Description:

Spirodiclofen is a non-systemic acaricide, which mainly controls eggs, nymphs and female adult mites through contact and stomach poisoning. The acaricide has no cross-resistance; its ovicidal effect is outstanding, and it has a good control effect on harmful mites at different developmental stages (except male adult mites).

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Tech Grade: 98%TC



Control object


Spirodiclofen 15%EW

Orange tree

Red spider

1L with 2500-3500L water

Spirodiclofen 18%+

Abamectin 2%SC

Orange tree

Red spider

1L with 4000-6000L water

Spirodiclofen 10%+

Bifenazate 30%SC

Orange tree

Red spider

1L with 2500-3000L water

Spirodiclofen 25%+

Lufenuron 15%SC

Orange tree

citrus rust mite

1L with 8000-10000L water

Spirodiclofen 15%+

Profenofos 35%EC


Red spider


Technical requirements for use:

1. Apply the medicine at the early stage of the harm of the mites. When applying, the front and back sides of the crop leaves, the surface of the fruit, and the trunk and branches should be fully and evenly applied.

2. Safety interval: 30 days for citrus trees; at most 1 application per growing season.

3. Do not apply on windy days or if it is expected to rain within 1 hour.

4.If it is used in the middle and late stages of citrus panclaw mites, the number of adult mites is already quite large. Due to the characteristics of mites that kill eggs and larvae, it is recommended to use acaricides with good quick-acting and short-residual effects, such as abamectin It can not only kill adult mites quickly, but also control the recovery of the number of pest mites for a long time.

5.It is recommended to avoid medication when fruit trees are in bloom


1. The drug is toxic and requires strict management.

2. Wear protective gloves, masks and clean protective clothing when applying this agent.

3. Smoking and eating are prohibited on site. Hands and exposed skin must be washed immediately after handling agents.

4. Pregnant women, lactating women and children are strictly prohibited from smoking.

Quality guarantee period: 2 years

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