Wheat field herbicide Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 69g/L EWwith most competitive price

Short Description:

1.Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl is an aryloxyphenoxypropionic acid post-emergence herbicide and a fatty acid synthesis inhibitor.
2. Can effectively control barnyardgrass, crabgrass, beef tendon grass (cricket grass), Qianjinzi, kangaroo, Japanese kangaroo, wild oat, foxtail, wild millet, teff, paspalum, etc. in soybean fields. annual grass weed

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Wheat field herbicide Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 69g/LEWwith most competitive price

Technical requirements for use

1. Nature and function. Quizalofop-p-ethyl is a low-toxicity herbicide, the original drug is off-white crystals, and the preparation 5% quinoxapro emulsifiable concentrate is an amber viscous liquid. The herbicidal effect is improved, the efficacy is stable, and the safety of soybean under adverse environmental conditions is improved;
2. Quizalofop-p-ethyl is mainly used in soybean, cotton, peanut, beet, tomato, cabbage, grape and other crop fields to control barnyardgrass, crabgrass, beef tendon grass, kangaroo, foxtail, wild oat, bermudagrass, reed , Imperatae and other annual and perennial grass weeds, ineffective against broad-leaved weeds;
3. Quizalofop-p-ethyl is ineffective against broad-leaved weeds. It is often mixed with mono- and dicotyledonous weeds in the field. It should be considered to be mixed with herbicides for controlling broad-leaved weeds according to the type of weeds. Before mixing, understand its miscibility. Do not mix those with stinging and poisoning that cause phytotoxicity. The grass is sensitive to gramineous crops. When spraying, care should be taken not to drift to sensitive crop fields to avoid phytotoxicity.

Storage and Shipping

1. Keep away from livestock, food and feed, keep it out of the reach of children and locked.
2. It should be stored in the original container and kept in a sealed state, and store it in a low temperature, dry and ventilated place.

First aid

1. In case of accidental contact with the skin, wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water.
2. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes.
3. Accidental ingestion, do not induce vomiting, immediately bring the label to ask a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Tech Grade: 98%TC






Sales Market

Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 69g/LEW

Annual grass weed in wheat field



Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 10%EW

Annual grass weed in wheat field



Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 10%EC

Annual grass weed in winter wheat field



Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl 140g/LEC

Annual grass weed in wheat field



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