Wholesale Highly effective herbicide Propani 34%EC

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Propanil is a highly selective contact herbicide, which decomposes and fails when it encounters soil. It should only be used as a stem and leaf treatment agent. It can be used in rice transplanting fields to control grass weeds, and barnyardgrass has the best effect.

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Tech Grade: 98%TC


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Propanil 34%EC

barnyard grass


1L/bottle     5L/bottle

Technical requirements for use:

1. This product is used for the control of barnyardgrass in rice transplanting fields, and the best effect is in the 2-3 leaf stage of barnyardgrass.

2. Drain the field water 2 days before spraying, rehydrate the barnyard grass 2 days after spraying, and keep water for 7 days.

3. The maximum number of applications per year is once, and the safety interval: 60 days.

4. Malathion should not be used for rice within ten days before and after spraying propionella. It should not be mixed with such pesticides to avoid phytotoxicity of rice.


1. Propanil can be mixed with a variety of herbicides to expand the herbicidal spectrum, but it must not be mixed with 2,4-D butyl ester.

2. Propanil cannot be mixed with carbamate pesticides such as isoprocarb and carbaryl, and organophosphorus such as triazophos, phoxim, chlorpyrifos, acephate, profenofos, malathion, trichlorfon and dichlorvos Pesticides are mixed to avoid phytotoxicity. Do not spray the above agents within 10 days before and after spraying propanil.

3: The application of propanil with liquid fertilizer should be avoided. When the temperature is high, the weeding effect is good, and the dosage can be appropriately reduced. Weed foliar dampness will reduce the weed control effect, and should be applied after the dew dries. Avoid spraying before rain. It is best to choose sunny days, but the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees

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