Herbicides Aquacide Agrochemical Herbicide Diquat 20% SL

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Diquat is a non-selective contact-killing herbicide, which can be quickly absorbed by the green tissues of plants, and can damage the weeds within a few hours after spraying, and the product has no damage to the underground roots.

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Tech Grade: 98%TC


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Diquat 20%SL

Non-arable weed


1L/bottle     5L/bottle

Technical requirements for use:

1. When the weeds grow vigorously, use 5L/mu of this product, add 25-30 kg of water per acre, and spray the stems and leaves of the weeds evenly.

2. In windy days or if it is expected to rain within 1 hour, do not apply the medicine.

3. Apply the medicine at most once per season.


1. Wide herbicidal spectrum: Diquat is a biocidal herbicide, which has a good killing effect on most annual broad-leaved weeds and some grass weeds, especially for broad-leaved weeds.

2. Good quick-acting effect: Diquat can show obvious poisoning symptoms in green plants within 2-3 hours after spraying.

3. Low residue: Diquat can be strongly adsorbed by soil colloid, so once the agent touches the soil, it loses its activity, and there is basically no residue in the soil, and there is no residual toxicity to the next crop. Generally, the next crop can be sown 3 days after spraying.

4. Short duration of effect: Diquat has only an upward conduction effect in plants due to its passivation in the soil, so it has poor control effect on the roots, and has a short duration of effect, generally only about 20 days, and weeds are prone to recurrence and rebound. .

5. Very easy to degrade: Diquat is more easily photolyzed than paraquat. Under strong sunlight, diquat applied to the stems and leaves of plants can be photolyzed by 80% within 4 days, and the diquat remaining in the plants after a week is very fast. few. Absorbs in soil and loses activity

6. Compound use: Diquat has poor effect on grass weeds. In the plots with more grass weeds, it can be used together with clethodim, Haloxyfop-P, etc., to achieve better weed control effect and control The grass period will reach about 30 days.

7. Time of use: Diquat should be applied after the dew evaporated in the morning as much as possible. When exposed to sunlight at noon, the contact killing effect is obvious and the effect is faster. But weeding is not complete. Use in the afternoon, the medicine can be fully absorbed by the stems and leaves, and the weeding effect is better.

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