Famoxadone 22.5%+cymoxanil 30% WDG mixed fungicide

Short Description:

This product is a fungicide compounded by Famoxadone and Cymoxanil. The mechanism of action of Famoxadone is an energy inhibitor, that is, a mitochondrial electron transfer inhibitor. Cymoxanil mainly acts on the biosynthesis of fungal lipid compounds and cell membrane function, and inhibits spore germination, germ tube elongation, appressorium and hyphae formation. When used at the registered dose, it has a good control effect on cucumber downy mildew. Under normal technical conditions of use, there is no adverse effect on the growth of cucumbers.

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Famoxadone 22.5% +Cymoxanil 30%WDG


downy mildew


Technical requirements for use:

1. This product should be sprayed 2-3 times at the initial stage of the onset of cucumber downy mildew, and the spraying interval should be 7-10 days. Pay attention to the uniform and thoughtful spraying to ensure the efficacy, and the rainy season should appropriately shorten the application interval.

2. Do not apply on windy days or when rainfall is expected within 1 hour.

3. The safe interval of using this product on cucumber is 3 days, and it can be used up to 3 times per season.

Quality guarantee period: 2 years


1. The drug is toxic and requires strict management. 2. Wear protective gloves, masks and clean protective clothing when applying this agent. 3. Smoking and eating are prohibited on site. Hands and exposed skin must be washed immediately after handling agents. 4. Pregnant women, lactating women and children are strictly prohibited from smoking. 5. This product is poisonous to silkworms and bees, and should be kept away from mulberry gardens, jamsils and bee farms. It is easy to cause phytotoxicity to sorghum and rose, and is also sensitive to corn, beans, melon seedlings and willows. Before smoking, you should contact the relevant units for preventive work. 6. This product is toxic to fish and should be kept away from lakes, rivers and water sources

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