High effective insecticide diazinon 5% GR, 96% TC, 500g/L EC

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A broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxicity organophosphorus insecticide. It has contact killing, stomach poisoning, fumigation and certain systemic effects. It has a good control effect on various pests such as Lepidoptera and Homoptera. Leaf pests, and can also be used to control underground pests such as grubs, nematodes, mole crickets, cutworms, etc. Diazinon is less toxic to livestock. It can also be used in the field of veterinary medicine as an insecticide spray for household hygiene, with a wide range of applications.

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Tech Grade: 96%TC 97%TC



way of administration


Trichlorfon4%+Diazinon2% GR

Sugarcane turtle

apply fertilizer in furrows


Rice (striped rice borer)







The main advantage

1. Wide insecticidal spectrum: Diazinon granules can effectively control underground pests such as mole crickets, grubs, golden needle insects, cutworms, rice borers, rice leafhoppers, Spodoptera frugiperda, grass borers, locusts, root maggots, etc. worm eggs. It can also be used to lose the cob of corn to control pests such as corn borer.

2. Good quick effect: diazinon has contact killing, stomach poisoning, fumigation and systemic effects. After being applied to the soil, the pests can be killed in various ways. Once the pests feed, the pests can be killed on the same day to reduce the harm of the pests.

3. Long lasting effect: Diazinon has good stability in the soil, is not easy to decompose, and is soluble in water. It can not only control the underground pests of current crops, but also effectively control the eggs of other pests lurking in the ground. kill, thereby reducing the occurrence of pests in the next crop.

4. Low toxicity and low residues: The main varieties of soil treatment agents are 3911, phorate, carbofuran, aldicarb, chlorpyrifos and other highly toxic organophosphorus granules. Due to their high toxicity and large residues, they have been withdrawn from the market one after another. Diazinon is a low-toxicity soil treatment insecticide with little odor. It has no impact on the safety of humans and animals during use, and will not cause pesticide residues on crops after use, which fully meets the requirements of pollution-free agricultural production.

5. Very high activity: Diazinon granules contain stabilizers and high-efficiency additives. The carrier is attapulgite, which is the latest granule carrier in the world. It is produced by adsorption method, with high activity and small usage. Soil treatment only uses 400-500 grams per acre. It is the first choice of pesticides to replace highly toxic pesticides in my country.

6. Wide application range: Diazinon granules have good stability and low toxicity, and can be widely used in wheat, corn, rice, potatoes, peanuts, green onions, soybeans, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane, ginseng and orchards.

Quality guarantee period: 2 years

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