Wheat Fungicide Thiophanate-methyl 70%WP

Short Description:

Thiophanate-methyl is a systemic fungicide with systemic, protective and therapeutic effects. It is transformed into Carbendazim in plants, interferes with the formation of the spindle in the mitosis of bacteria, and affects cell division. Can be used for the control of cucumber fusarium wilt.

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Tech Grade: 98%TC



Control object


Thiophanate-Methyl 50%WP


sheath blight fungi


Thiophanate-Methyl 34.2%

Tebuconazole 6.8%SC

Apple tree

brown spot

1L with 800-1200L water

Thiophanate-Methyl 32%+

Epoxiconazole 8%SC


Wheat Scab


Thiophanate-Methyl 40%+

Hexaconazole 5%WP


sheath blight fungi


Thiophanate-Methyl 40%+

Propineb 30%WP




Thiophanate-Methyl 40%+

Hymexazol 16%WP



1L with 600-800L water

Thiophanate-Methyl 35%

Tricyclazole 35%WP


sheath blight fungi


Thiophanate-Methyl 18%+

Pyraclostrobin 2%+

Thifluzamide 10%FS


Root Rot

150-350ml/100kg seeds

Technical requirements for use:

1. Before or in the early stage of the onset of cucumber fusarium wilt, add water and spray evenly.

2. Do not apply on windy days or if it is expected to rain within 1 hour.

3. Avoid over-dose, over-range and high-temperature administration, otherwise it is easy to cause phytotoxicity.

4. After using this product, the cucumbers should be harvested at least 2 days apart, and can be used up to 3 times per season.

Precautions for use:

1. Thiophanate-methyl can be mixed with other fungicides and insecticides, but it should be noted that it is best to mix and use it now, and pay attention when using it, not all fungicides can be mixed. Copper agent and alkaline agent cannot be used together, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.

2. It is not recommended for long-term single continuous use of thiophanate-methyl, because the bacteria will develop drug resistance and reduce its effect. We should use it in rotation with other agents, but it should be noted that thiophanate-methyl cannot be used together with carbendazim Use in rotation, otherwise cross-resistance will occur.

3. When using thiophanate-methyl, although it is a low-toxicity fungicide, it still has an irritating effect on the skin and eyes. If it accidentally comes into contact with the skin or eyes during use, be sure to immediately use plenty of water rinse.

Quality guarantee period: 2 years

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