50%WDG nitenpyram technical insecticide Pymetrozine buprofezin pesticide

Short Description:

This product is made up of two insecticides with different mechanisms of action: pymetrozine and nitenpyram: pymetrozine has a unique needle blocking effect, and once the pests feed, it quickly inhibits feeding; nitenpyram can quickly Blocks the conduction of pest nerves. The combination of the two can effectively control rice planthoppers.

Product Detail

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Pymetronide and acetaminophen

Tech Grade: 98%TC

Technical requirements for use:

1.Start the application at the early stage of rice planthopper occurrence and the nymphal stage. Depending on the occurrence of pests, the application can be twice a season. The spraying interval is 7-10 days. The spraying should be uniform and thoughtful.

2. Do not apply the medicine on a heavy rainy day or when it is expected to rain within 1 hour.

3. The safety interval of this product on rice is 30 days, and it can be used up to 2 times per season.

Product advantages:

1. Unique insecticidal mechanism: once the pests come into contact with the product, they will immediately stop feeding and block their nervous system at the same time, and the process is irreversible. Classic formula, complete insecticide.

2. Systemic absorption conduction: It has strong systemic absorption and conductivity. It can penetrate plant tissue and enter the body of the crop, with a long lasting effect and resistance to rain erosion.

3. No cross-resistance: It has a unique control effect on planthoppers and aphids that have developed resistance to organophosphorus, carbamate, and common nicotinic insecticides.

4. High safety: high selectivity, low toxicity to mammals and high safety to birds, fish and non-target arthropods.

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